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Why We Are Riding — November 26, 2015

Why We Are Riding

I’m doing ride tomorrow ahead of Scotland’s Climate March. Get to a march near you this weekend if you can.


We need a climate revolution. We need one now.

A group of us are getting on our bikes on Friday to tell a story. A story of why we must move quickly from a reliance on fossil fuels and consuming more than is sustainable to a low-carbon future – AND how we can move from our past industrial age based on fossil fuel to a new positive low-carbon economy and society which values nature-based solutions.


Friday is the day before Scotland’s Climate March where thousands of people will descend on Edinburgh to call for an ambitious new deal at the Paris COP conference and for action on climate change in Scotland. We wanted to help highlight these events and show commitment to the cause so we will be setting out on a 70mile ride through central Scotland the day before the March. But its not just any old endurance ride.

Climate Revolution cycle ride

So what’s the…

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Scotland’s Climate March – 28th November — November 13, 2015

Scotland’s Climate March – 28th November

It takes everyone to change everything.

Scottish Greens - East Renfrewshire

On Saturday 28th November Scottish Greens will be joining the people of Scotland to march in Edinburgh and show support for an ambitious climate agreement in Paris this December. Many marches will be held around the world that same weekend to demand justice for the Earth, its people and all of its species.
Join with other Greens to march together – meet at The Meadows in Edinburgh at 12:00 on the 28th Nov to gather for the march.
Jim Densham
East Renfrewshire Greens

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