Why on earth am I cycling 520 miles to London in June? With 2 weeks to go I’m not questioning the reason why any more, just the asking myself how! There still seems to be a lot to do to get organised, publicised and fit.

Here are the reasons why I’m cycling to London, in no particular order:

  • The main reason is because there is a climate rally to attend. I wouldn’t choose to ride to London – riding round Scotland would be a more beautiful ride – but Westminster where the MPs are so we need to get there, and not be late!
  • Cycling is zero carbon transport so getting there by bike will save 33kg of CO2 compared with travelling by train. That’s equivalent to not boiling a kettle 1000 times. The other alternatives would be emitting 70kg going by car or upwards of 91kg by air (based on figures from http://www.ecopassenger.org/)
  • It will be a challenge. I love cycling but have never done anything like this before – maybe I never will again. Originally I was planning to go solo, which would have been more of a challenge, but now I have 3 other lovely team mates to keep me company and share the pain.
  • We are going to raise awareness of climate change along the route. Climate change is having an impact on our precious wildlife now and it is only expected to get worse. Scientists have estimated that for every 1oC rise in global temperatures 10% of the world’s species will become extinct. That’s because they can’t adapt. Climate change is affecting the UK’s special wildlife sites now and will do so in the future – like the RSPB reserves we will visit along the way.
  • The biggest reason for doing this is because the world needs a new global deal on climate change signed at the UN conference in Paris in December. This new Kyoto agreement on reducing emissions must include binding targets for countries and money for developing countries to help them adapt. Plus quite a few other things I am sure. The For The Love Of… campaign http://fortheloveof.org.uk/ is aimed at helping to show that there is public support for a strong global deal so our small part in riding to London will hopefully go a long way.