If only I could strap a ‘flux capacitor’ to my bike I could get to the future and see what climate change will look like. Alas, Marty McFly’s time travel in ‘Back to the Future’ is just fiction and anyway, I could never reach 88mph to make it work! I will have to be content with my human powered bike and visits to RSPB reserves to see what climate impacts we are already experiencing or that we predict will be with us in the future.

So next week I am pedalling back to the future – on my sabbatical, in search of climate and wildlife stories…by bike. I’m off to Coll and Tiree in the Inner Hebrides to experience island life and nature. To get there its Oban by train and then the ferry that links the islands with the mainland. The bike will get me around the islands for the 2 days.

Snipe – on the Isle of Tiree                                         Tom Marshall (rspb-images.com)

Depending on internet connections and mobile connection I will be blogging and tweeting as I go along. Keep an eye on the blog and twitter @JimDensham